007 Listener Qs: Audience, Politics, and Oliver's Goodness

Ask us anything...well, maybe not anything


You asked, we answered! Join us for our first Listener Questions mini-episode where we respond to some of the questions and comments we’ve received so far. Thank you to everyone who has reached out; it’s great to hear from and connect with our listeners!

Questions include:

  • Is Wardless only for people who are publicly out of the church and/or people who already consider themselves post-Mormon?

  • Did the contributors all leave for social justice issues?

  • Can people who are not liberal relate to this podcast?

  • Is the post-mo community mostly for liberals/progressives?

  • Is Oliver too good to be true?

Calls for listeners:

  • For an upcoming episode, we’re looking to hear from students who would like to leave but can’t because they attend church schools, and those who’ve left the church in the Mormon Corridor (high LDS population areas of Idaho, Utah, and Arizona). Please get in touch!

  • We’d also love to hear from our listeners: what has been the most difficult aspect of leaving Mormonism for you so far? What took you by surprise or was harder than it should have been? Let us know at wardlesspodcast@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening!

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