This is your post-Mormon field guide

Practical. Reassuring. Helpful. Hopeful. A little snarky (we are apostates after all).

Welcome to Wardless, a podcast addressing the challenges and practicalities of navigating life after Mormonism. For those who have made the painful decision to walk away, the question of “what’s next?” can seem equally, if not more, daunting. In other words, figuring out the HOW of leaving can be just as difficult as the WHY.

We created Wardless: A Post-Mormon Field Guide to share stories of people who are walking this path, and to offer useful and practical insights with a lot of depth and little bit of fun.

Read our bios below, check out a few episodes, and share your questions and stories with us via the Contact page. We hope Wardless will help you feel less alone (and weird!) as you navigate life after Mormonism and find your new community, way of living, and self.





The Sexpert

Sex and relationship therapist, token Utahn, recovering people-pleaser, incredible parallel parker, chooses conversation over sleep nearly every time, married to a thrifting husband (who is the model for the finger hand), and mother to four boys who are doomed for weirdness.



The Single Lady

Mom to one dog, aunt to nine nieces and nephews, taken cooking classes in eight countries, current leadership developer and former body hair remover, feminist, traveler, baker, scuba diver, and only able to set volume dials to a number ending in five.



The Former Child Bride

Travel-loving mother of three homebodies, dabbler in piano, guitar, and subversive handlettering, middle child, skeptic, former expat, expert-level fluency in Mormon swears, and lover of spoilers who pre-reads the end of every book (yes, even non-fiction).



The De-converted Convert

Joined the church at 18, loves to read and to create, new homeschooler, wife, life-long black thumb (can kill any plant), hates to move but loves to pack and unpack, and mother to two daughters.



The Mixed-Faith Marriage

Native of the Pacific Northwest, recently started grad school, lover of anything from the Bachelor franchise, reader, napper, crafter, mother to two children, married to an Ammon, and fourth-cousin-in-law to Donna.



The Nuanced Mormon

Mormon from birth, descended from polygamists, loves all pop music especially K-Pop, beekeeper, reader, eater, baker, Nintendo player, husband of Kristin, fifth-cousin-once-removed to Micaela, and father to two daughters.

Production Team

Executive Producer & Editor - Donna

Assistant Producer - Micaela

Marketing & Social Media - Aimee

Product & Content Development - Oliver

Communications - Chloe & Kristin