Becoming Wardless

Stories of reinvention

Introducing Becoming Wardless, a new sub series of the Wardless Podcast. Becoming Wardless features people from all backgrounds telling their stories of walking away from Mormonism. In their own voice and with their own words. These stories are published in the Wardless Podcast feed and are available for participants to share with their family and friends.

We created Becoming Wardless as a tool to help individuals capture and share their story–whether to “go public,” to facilitate understanding and connection with friends and family, to help process the experience of leaving an intense religion, or to own their story of reinvention. Because the most important stories that we have to share are our own. 

What to Expect?

  • Click on the button below to let us know you’re interested. We’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to get to know you better.

  • You’ll receive a Guest Guide with more details and some questions to help you prep for the interview. We want to make sure you feel comfortable prior to recording and will do what we can to help you craft your story.

  • We record the interview, usually via Skype (no extra equipment necessary).

  • We create the episode and will notify you of the publication date. Allow four to six weeks for turnover.

  • Guests are free to share with family and friends as they see fit. Please note: each episode will be public on the Wardless podcast feed and we will use first names only.