001 And it Came to Pass

…that we were wardless

When you leave [religion], no one throws you a going away party.
— James Mulholland



Mormons think of themselves as a peculiar people. It’s no wonder that the process of leaving the Mormon church is equally so. Not to mention painful, lonely, and at times, pretty awkward. We also assert that it might be the most meaningful and consequential thing you ever do. If only there were some sort of guide…

Join us for the inaugural episode of Wardless: a Post-Mormon Field Guide, a podcast addressing the challenges and practicalities of navigating life after Mormonism. We aim to tackle the HOW, not the WHY, of walking away from the church.

In this episode, we introduce our regular panelists–Aimee, Chloe, Donna, Kristin, Micaela, and Oliver–and briefly share each of our experiences in leaving the church and the emotions we felt in the process. We talk about what we mean by a post-Mormon field guide and what it means to us to be “wardless.”

Essentially, we’re trying to create what we wish we had when we were deep in the process of leaving. We hope to offer useful and practical insights, with a lot of depth and a little bit of snark (we are apostates after all).


  • Emotions we experienced in the process of leaving the church: anxiety, grief, fear, anger, relief, confidence, and excitement. (To name a few.) There were feels, people.

  • Our token statuses: Micaela is in a mixed-faith marriage, Chloe is single and (gasp) plans to stay childless, Aimee is a sex therapist and our only Utahn, Donna is a former Mormon child bride, Kristin is a de-converted convert, and Oliver is our token active Mormon and the supportive spouse of Kristin.


  • Wardless is not intended to convince anyone to leave the Mormon church. Our listeners have already made the decision to leave, but need help and support with the process.

  • There are a lot of weird, difficult aspects to walking away from Mormonism, but you’re not alone. You’ve got a new ward now. And we’ve got this covered. You can do this.

  • Apologies to the residents of Idaho. We think you are super cool.

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